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Music literacy, confidence, community building, and musical interpretation: just a glimpse of the many opportunities one will experience as a member of TAISM's Concert Choir. Concert Choir is a performance-based group, open students devoted to the study of choral music representing a wide variety of styles. Returning students need to have the approval of the director to maintain membership, based on their previous year's progress. There is also the opportunity for new TAISM students to join choir, as long as they demonstrate a sincere interest to be involved. The class emphasizes advanced singing techniques in an SATB setting. Students will be enriched socially, while further enhancing skills in music literacy, performance techniques, critical listening, and cultural exploration. In addition to being an academic course, Concert Choir is similar to being part of an extracurricular club, as there are outside-of-class commitments. Concert Choir involves students in 9th-12th grade. There are special leadership opportunities for all students. The learning and sharing that takes place in class, sectional rehearsals and performances promote lifelong singing. Concert Choir parents are encouraged to be a part of Choral-net, a parent support group for the choral ensembles.